Field survey landscape images

This application displays images of some field work of the National Science and Technology Basic Resource Survey Special Project "Basic Data Survey of Natural Disasters in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor ".

This project will systematically collect existing data and achievements, and conduct a comprehensive and systematic investigation of hydrological and meteorological disasters, ice and snow freeze-thaw disasters, geological disasters (chains), earthquake disasters, and marine disasters in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor through various technical means such as remote sensing interpretation analysis, field survey, drone aerial photography, and numerical simulation. The current situation and changes of the disaster background, disaster distribution, and activity characteristics will be identified from three scales: the entire region, active areas, and major disaster points, complete potential disaster identification, hazard analysis, major disaster point monitoring analysis, and risk assessment, and then carry out comprehensive risk assessment for multiple types of composite disasters in the region. Propose corresponding disaster reduction strategies for the construction of major projects in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Furthermore, we will integrate disaster background and disaster data, build a comprehensive database of natural disasters, develop a natural disaster information sharing service platform for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor based on big data, cloud platform and Internet+, provide basic data and scientific technological support for major construction risk prevention of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, people's livelihood security and sustainable development, create a technological innovation service window and platform for the "the Belt and Road".