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Catalog dataset for relocation of earthquakes with magnitude 3 or above in key sections of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor from 2005 to 2018
2023-10-09 | author : admin

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Use observation data from the ISC Earthquake Catalogue of the International Seismological Center and compiled by the Chinese Seismological Department for unified production. Overseas earthquakes are prepared by the International Seismological Center ISC after calibration, and domestic earthquakes are obtained from the observation report and provided by the China Earthquake Networks Center Center. Since 2005, the relocation catalog data of earthquakes of magnitude 3 or above in the key sections of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor are obtained by using the internationally recognized double difference positioning method. The key sections refer to Quetta Gwadar Port Karachi and Kashmir. The data items include earthquake date, earthquake time, latitude, longitude, depth, and magnitude, with a total of 4478 pieces of data.

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