The main link of emergency management
2019-07-05 | author : giser

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Forecasting and warning

We will improve the predictive system and carry out risk analysis for all kinds of public emergencies that may occur, and make early detection, early reporting and early disposal. Also, we will give early warnings of the public emergencies which may occur according to the results of the forecast analysis.

Emergency disposal

This part mainly includes information report, early disposal, emergency response, command, coordination and ending.


It mainly includes: disposal afterwards, investigate, evaluate, formulate the recovery and reconstruction plan and organize the implementations.

Information distribution

We will release a brief message to the public as soon as possible, and then release the verification of the emergencies, the measures of government and public. Then, we will release the follow-up information according to the real situation of the incident, timely clarify false rumors, and ensure that the false information does not cause public panic. The forms mainly include press release, releasing by authorization, reporting by organization, accepting interviews, holding press conference and so on.

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