Online map of administrative divisions of Pakistan
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Pakistan is located in the northwest of the South Asian subcontinent, bordering on the Arabian Sea in the south, India in the East, the people's Republic of China in the northeast, Afghanistan in the northwest and Iran in the West. The coastline is 980 kilometers long. The southern part has a tropical climate and the rest belongs to subtropical climate. The capital is Islamabad, the former capital Karachi is the largest city.


Pakistan's administrative divisions include four provinces and one federal region (capital in brackets) and two special zones of Kashmir; each province is divided into 105 counties, and counties are further divided into townships.


Islamabad is one of the youngest modern cities in the world and the capital with traditional Islamic color. It is located in the northeast of the potwar plateau, more than 600 meters above sea level, back to Mt. margara, east of the clear lake Laval, south with green hills, pleasant climate, beautiful scenery, 1300 kilometers away from the sea. The former capital is Karachi.

In 1959, the Pakistani government decided to build a new capital here. In 1967, the capital was officially moved here. In 1970, it was basically completed with a population of 1.5 million. The Rose of Southern city and the Shakbari Mountain in Jasmine Park are important tourist attractions.

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