Online map of mineral distribution in Pakistan
Date: 2020-11-10  Editor : giser   

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The full name of Pakistan is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which means "holy land" and "halal state".

More than 95% of the residents believe in Islam, which is a multi-ethnic Islamic country. The national language is Urdu.

Natural resources

Pakistan is rich in coal resources. According to the estimation of the geological survey of Pakistan (GSP), Pakistan's coal resources are about 185 billion tons, of which 184 billion tons are in Sindh province, accounting for 99.5% of the total amount of the country. Pakistan's main mineral reserves are: 492 billion cubic meters of natural gas, 184 million barrels of oil, 185 billion tons of coal, 430 million tons of iron, 74 million tons of bauxite, as well as a large number of chromite, marble and precious stones. The forest coverage rate is 4.8%.

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