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The full name of Pakistan is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Country code: PK/PAK/586.

Jet lag: 3 hours later than Beijing time.

Location: located in the northwest of South Asia, adjacent to the Arabian Sea in the South and China in the East.

Area: 796095 square kilometers.

Population: 140.5 million (2001).

Capital: Islamabad.

National Flag: Five-pointed star stands for light, new moon means progress, white symbolizes peace, green symbolizes prosperity.

National Emblem: The Urdu text at the bottom is "pious and unified commandment", with jute, wheat, tea and cotton in the middle, wreaths on both sides, and new moon and five-pointed star on the top.

National Anthem: "National Anthem of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan".

Independence time: August 14, 1947.

Establishment of diplomatic relations with China: May 21, 1951.

Official language: English, Urdu.

Main ethnic groups: Panjabi, sindhis, Padan, etc.

Main religions: Islam, Christianity and Hinduism.

Currency: Pakistan Rupee.

Exchange rate: One dollar is about 57 Pakistanis rupees.

National flower: Jasmine flower.

Main terrain: High in the northwest, low in the southeast, dominated by mountain plateaus.

Main mountains: Hindukush and sulaiman.

Main plain: Indus River Plain.

Main climate: Tropical arid and semi-arid climate.

Annual average temperature: 27 ℃.

Annual precipitation: 300 mm.

GDP: 60.7 billion US dollars.

Total import and export: 20 billion US dollars.

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