Online map of terrain in Pakistan
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Regional location

Pakistan's national territory is 880254 square kilometers (including Pakistan controlled Kashmir region) and 796095 square kilometers (excluding Pakistan controlled Kashmir area). It is located in the northwest of the South Asian subcontinent, bordering on the Arabian Sea in the south, bordering India, China, Afghanistan and Iran in the East, North and west respectively. The coastline is 840 kilometers long.

Terrain landform

Three fifths of the territory is mountainous and hilly, the southern coastal area is desert, and the northward extension is continuous plateau pasture and fertile soil. The highest mountain is K2 (with the height of 8611 m). The Himalayas, Karakoram mountains and Hindu Kush mountains, three famous mountains in the world, converge in northwest Pakistan, forming a unique landscape. The Indus River, which originates from China, enters Pakistan territory, runs 2300 kilometers from north to south, and finally flows into the Arabian Sea.

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